Culinary Delights: Best Restaurant in Pune for Dinner to Satisfy Your Palate

Wish to dine at the best restaurant in Pune? Well, we have a few suggestions that are bound to elevate your dining experience. 

So you are planning to eat out and are looking for places in the city for that other-worldly dining experience. As one of India’s most vibrant metropolitans, Pune has a lot to offer folks who seek to dine out frequently. 

Some of the best restaurants offer you a lot more than delicious food and intoxicating drinks. Good restaurants can transport you to a whole new world with their ambiance. They have staff that makes you feel special, chefs ready to treat your taste buds and an atmosphere that lets you momentarily escape from the daily hustle of city life. 

Pune isn’t short on fine dining establishments. However, what if we tell you that you don’t have to look any further than one hotel for the best food and drinks the city has to offer? 

We are talking about the widely revered and recognized 5-star hotel – Conrad Pune. Ever since its inception, Conrad Pune has been the go-to option for folks seeking a luxury staycation in Pune. 

That said, not many know that Conrad Pune is also home to some of the best 5-star restaurants in Pune. 

In this article, we want to quickly introduce you to each of these establishments so you know where to go when you wish to dine out in the city. 

So without much further ado, let’s get started. 

Exploring the Best Restaurants in Conrad Pune

1. Al Di La

Best for: Sundowner and Dinner

Kicking off this list is Al Di La, an Italian restaurant located 72 meters above ground. The place serves as a perfect setting for folks who wish to dine and wine underneath Pune’s starry skies while admiring its scenic skyline. Al Di La is highly recommended if you are a fan of Italian cuisine. Their tiramisu and pastas are to die for. 

You also get to explore the finest range of smoked cocktails, a gin bar, house-infused beers, and cutting-edge mixology prepared by the finest in-house mixologists in town. The plush furnishing and overall futuristic aesthetics of the restaurant make it perfect for a night out with friends, family, and a special someone. 

The place also occasionally hosts live musical performances. All who’ve had the privilege of dining at Al Di La hail it as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pune. The establishment delivers on all aspects, whether it is delicious Italian food, amazing cocktails, or enchanting music.

2. Coriander Kitchen

Best for: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner. 

Coriander Kitchen offers you the best of three distinct worlds. The place offers you the opportunity to explore rich Asian, Mediterranean, and Indian flavors. The place also harbors a live pizza counter and prepares some of the best pizzas you’ll ever have in Pune. Coriander Kitchen also stands out for its palatial interiors. 

You get a stunning view of the waterscape, which you can admire while feasting on your freshly cooked meal. The place is also famous for brunch buffets that are held during festive occasions like Diwali or Christmas. If a multi-cuisine buffet is your thing, then by all means pay Coriander Kitchen a visit during festive seasons like the ones we’ve mentioned above. 

You are bound to enjoy a hearty meal that will leave you immensely satiated without hurting your wallet.

3. Koji

Best for: Lunch and Dinner

If you are in the mood for Japanese, Chinese, or That cuisine, then you’ll adore what Koji has to offer. Hailed by many as the best restaurant in Pune for dinner, the place offers delicacies skillfully and thoughtfully prepared by chefs that you can interact with. You can count on the chef’s experience to suggest food that best suits your palate. 

The place is known just as much for its hospitality as it is known for its menu. The restaurant possesses a classy, cozy, and inviting ambiance. We would highly recommend this restaurant to those who want to experience the authentic flavors of Japan, China, and Thailand along with their friends and family.

4. Masu

Best for: Dinner

If you wish to experience Pune’s nightlife at its most electric, then we cannot recommend Masu enough. The restaurant is famous for two things in particular – the Bollywood night and its lounge bar. At the lounge bar, you’ll have the option to choose from the finest Italian wines, single malts, mocktails, and cocktails. 

Masu is also home to the best collection of French liquor and wines you are going to come across in Pune. Masu also sets itself apart from many of its contemporaries in the city with a chic Asian ambiance that is going to remind you a lot of the aesthetics most East Asian countries are famous for. 

In essence, the place is excellent for those who seek a vibrant and lively nightlife experience in the town.

5. Zeera

Best for: Dinner

Zeera presents you with the opportunity to feast on rich, authentic flavors straight from North India. Zeera is an Indian 5-star restaurant at its core with a menu studded with some of the most delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that is enjoyed across India. These meals are prepared using fresh herbs by a team of expert chefs. 

One of the things that sets Zeera apart is its very visible kitchen, granting guests a window into the food preparation process itself. The lush seating area and private dining area make this establishment perfect for Indian families and large groups who wish to bond over a hot North Indian meal.

6. Kabana

Best for: Lunch and Dinner

With Kabana, you get a poolside café that will leave you satiated with its western lounge setting, calming ambiance, and amazing food. This place is the closest you’ll probably get in Pune to actually experiencing fine-dining in the proximity of nature. The lounge is completely open and surrounded by lush greenery. 

You also have amazing fast food and sprightly drinks to keep your taste buds in check while you relax and soak in the chill vibes of the restaurant. The cafe’s ambiance and menu are best experienced during Pune’s pleasant monsoon season. 


While Pune isn’t short on good restaurants, you are not going to find 5-star dining experiences that come even remotely close to what Conrad Pune has in store for you. As apparent, this 5-star hotel is today home to some of the finest 5-star restaurants and bars in Pune. If you wish to dine on fine Italian cuisine amidst the backdrop of Pune’s stunning skyline, book your reservations at Al Di La. 

Want to try authentic Japanese or Chinese flavors, look no further than Koji. Fan of North Indian cuisine, then Zeera awaits your visit. Conrad Pune has something for all who wish to wine and dine at the best restaurant in Pune. 

All of these establishments serve as a true mark of luxury dining and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied while craving for more. 

Don’t take our word for it. Reserve your table today at any one of these restaurants and experience the magic yourself.