Top Wedding Banquet Halls in Pune for a Dreamy Celebration

As far as once-in-a-lifetime celebrations go, having an extravagant wedding is something that most Indian couples dream about in their lives.  That said, a picture-perfect wedding isn’t possible without the perfect wedding venue. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great options when it comes to wedding banquet halls in Pune.

The challenge, however, lies in finding a venue that can cater to the specific plans you have for your wedding. It can be overwhelming to find an ideal venue for your wedding in a city like Pune when you have so many options at your disposal.

So in this article, we would like to suggest some of the best banquet halls in Pune to host your dream wedding.

Before we do that, let’s look at a few things you can do to find your ideal wedding venue.

Things to Consider When Wedding Banquet Halls in Pune

Selecting a wedding venue is probably the most important thing you’ll do when planning your special day. The city of Pune is huge and replete with a myriad of banquet halls that can cater to varying preferences and budgets.

As such, we would suggest you consider the below factors to select the perfect venue.

1. Hall Capacity

How many guests do you wish to invite? This is the question you need to ask yourself when selecting a venue. Your banquet halls must comfortably accommodate each and every guest you invite.

2. Location

You want a location that’s easily accessible, preferably close to or in the heart of the city. You’ll find many banquet halls in Pune that are located in some of the city’s most happening localities.

3. Amenities

Make sure your venue has all the facilities necessary that a special occasion demands. This includes a bridal room, in-house catering, parking space, and more.

4. Ambiance

You might have a theme for your wedding. Make sure the ambiance of your venue aligns with the theme you have in mind. If you prefer modern aesthetics, then make sure your wedding venue features modern décor. If you wish to take the traditional route, then make sure the hall’s décor exudes that aesthetic.

5. Budget

You must have a clear budget in mind. No need to go overboard. You’ll find a plethora of 5-star wedding venues in Pune that offer their premises for a reasonable rate.

The Best Wedding Banquet Halls in Pune

Now that you know how to find the perfect venue, let’s look at some of the best venues you can select in Pune to host an unforgettable wedding.

1. The Conrad Pune

Kicking off this list is arguably the finest 5-star hotel to ever grace the city of Pune. Conrad Pune is hailed as an iconic hotel that offers you a range of wedding venues that are perfect for varying types of weddings. The hotel is perhaps best known for its stunning ballrooms and exquisite luxury rooms.

The ballroom Conrad Pune offers features Art Deco details, and 40-foot ceilings, and can easily be divided into three sections. There is a separate pre-function area and breakaway room available. There is enough space to comfortably accommodate up to 1200 guests.

Add to that, the hotel offers exquisitely designed, spacious deluxe rooms and presidential suites where your guests can stay like royalty throughout the duration of your wedding. You can also work closely with the staff at Conrad Pune to decorate the venue, create a custom menu, and plan other aspects of your wedding.

To host an event, all you have to do is go to Conrad Pune’s official website and submit your event details. A representative from Conrad Pune will reach out to you immediately with a quote. The Conrad Pune undoubtedly offers some of the finest 5-star wedding venues in Pune

2. The Westin Pune Koregaon Park

Located strategically in the bustling neighborhood of Koregaon Park, The Westin Pune is yet another option you can choose to host your dream wedding. Like Conrad Pune, The Westin Pune also offers a myriad of banquet halls, which can be personalized based on your preferences. The halls available at this hotel are perfect for both intimate weddings and opulent affairs.

The Westin Pune also has a culinary team that crafts a customized menu that best caters to your dietary preferences. Furthermore, The Westin Pune features astonishing interiors on top of an impeccable service.

3. The Corinthians Resort and Club

At the Corinthians Resort and Club, you get a sprawling space that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. The banquet halls are massive with lush lawns, thus creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that’s ideal for hosting an extravagant wedding.

You and your guests can enjoy plenty of luxurious amenities while they stay in one of the many comfortable rooms provided by the resort. The resort is perfect for not only the wedding day but also partake in some pre-wedding celebrations as well.

4. The Royal Orchid Central

The Royal Orchid Central is the wedding venue for those who seek something regal. The banquet halls in this boutique hotel feature charming décor and exquisite interiors. You are also acquainted with a seasoned staff that’ll take care of every detail integral to your wedding.

Like all the wedding halls mentioned above, The Royal Orchid Central also shines with regard to its culinary offerings. You have a wide range of cuisines to select from for your wedding. In essence, the hotel features everything you’ll need to host a memorable wedding.

5. The Sheraton Grand Pune

The Sheraton Grand Pune has been a top choice for many in Pune who dream of a larger-than-life wedding. This hotel offers wedding halls that can be characterized by their unique décor that strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional elements.

The Sheraton Grand is more than capable of hosting large weddings. The venue also offers world-class amenities that can offer guests and couples the comfort and luxury they desire. The staff at this hotel is also very receptive. You can count on them to take care of every aspect of your wedding from the moment you enter the hotel to the very end of your ceremony.


As you can see, there is no shortage of options for couples in Pune who want to have a wedding of their dreams. You have a diverse range of options at your disposal that can easily satiate varying tastes and preferences.

Whether you wish for an intimate gathering or something grand, the banquet halls we’ve recommended above will serve as the perfect backdrop for your special day.

If Conrad Pune is your wedding banquet hall of choice, then we suggest you get in touch with us immediately to reserve a date.

Simply hop onto our website and submit your request. Our representative will reach out to you in no time with a custom quote.